On line slobodné slovníky
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(Sobre; O programu; Om; Info; Info; Acerca de; Tietoja; À propos de; Πληροφορίες; אודות; Névjegy; Informazioni su; バージョン情報; 저장; Om; Informacje; Èo je; Acerca de; Om; Hakkýnda) More…
All fields
[Transcription] (Abbreviation) (Translation) Example with all fields. =usage 1; usage 2 =127000 =8-800-000-00-00 Synonym: All fields Antonym: All fields See also: All fields =Imagination
ASCII or ASP and "CGI" so (CMS) in [CSS] of DNS; from XML to HTML next HTTP and ICRA. On the other side — W3C and ヒトリ.
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